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Tropico 5 retail customers in North America given the gift of free DLC

Tropico 5 retail DLC

Tropico 5, which launched on May 23rd, did not make it into the hands of North Americans who purchased the retail version. A delay in the packaging manufacturing was to blame, and once again retail was made to look like a struggling, archaic distribution option. 

But there’s a speck of light on the horizon. Tropico 5’s retail version launches tomorrow, and those who have been waiting patiently while the rest of us have been making our mark on the Caribbean are being rewarded with some free DLC.

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As a “thank you” for waiting, retail customers will receive Tropico 5’s first slice of DLC, The Big Cheese, completely for free. It will unlock automatically when it’s released this summer. So it looks like retail isn’t so bad after all.

It’s worth the wait, too. While Tropico 5 might not be as revolutionary as the actual civil disobedience presented in the game, it’s an excellent entry in the venerable building and management game.