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Blocky MMO Trove launches today

Trove launch

Trove, the blocky MMO from Trion Worlds, launches later today. On the surface, it’s like a cross between Minecraft, CubeWorld and an MMO, filled with player-created gear and buildings. It’s been in open beta for a while now, but you’ll be able to download it on Steam in less than an hour.

What makes it different from Trion’s other MMOs, like Rift and Defiance, and MMOs in general, is that it’s much smaller in scale, and it lacks the persistence that most online worlds possess.

You jump from the hub zone to colourful worlds made out of cubes, each quite small and low in player-population, hit up a few dungeons and then move to another one. When everyone leaves a world, it vanishes from existence. These worlds are completely temporary and procedurally generated.

Besides adventuring, you can also build up a base using blocks you’ve harvested from the worlds you visit. Your home away from home is persistent, in that it is saved, so when an old world vanishes, you’ll be able to find a new plot in a new world and put it down there.

It’s a curious game, but it’s F2P if you want to take it for a spin.

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