Trove’s Snowfest fills the voxel world with Christmas festivity

Trove trion worlds snowfest

Snowfest, Trove’s newly annualised Christmas event, has begun. From now till 5 January the voxel world will be filled with snow, wrapped gifts, and extra challenges.

There’s a new mount and mag rider to track down before the event is over so you best hop to it.

Stabbing enemies will see their corpses eject big boxes filled with Christmas cheer, like popping a festive boil. Those giftwrapped boxes will be piled high with snowballs, recipes, and, if you’re lucky, a snowman mount or sleigh-shaped mag rider.

If you’re still lacking the more rare Christmas goodies and the 5 January is fast approaching then you can buy a gold key from the store to guarantee the high-value contents when opening crates.

The Shadow Arena’s been made more difficult in the latest patch but killing its toughened enemies results in even more festive boxes.

If you’ve not played Trove I played a bit shortly after release and was surprised by how fleshed out an MMO it was while still so early in development.

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