Truck Stop is a game all about Burnout’s Crash Mode from one of Burnout’s original creators

truck stop

Burnout’s Crash Mode saw you drive a car headlong into traffic to cause as much destruction as possible. All in the name of scoring points. Unfortunately, the mode was eventually abandoned by EA. One of Burnout’s creators won’t let it die, though. Adam Sawkins’ Truck Stop has you drive a lorry into a busy street.

It has explosions, zombies, and asteroids.

Sure, it looks a little rough around the edges but Sawkins only been working on the game for a few weeks. Already it looks like a blast.

Currently the game has a single vehicle, a single level, and a single ragdoll sitting in the cockpit of the truck. The road ahead for Sawkins is developing new levels, vehicles, and improving the core functionality of the game.

Sawkins wants to gauge interest in the project before continuing. He’s added Truck Stop to Steam Greenlight and released an early build on Indie City. For every 1,000 sales of his game Sawkins will develop a new piece of content.

The next two levels Sawkins has outlined are Derailed, Mars Attacks!, and Zombieland!. The first has a parked train on an overhead rail line. Smash through its tracks for massive points. Mars Attacks! takes you to the red planet and features meteors and mars buggies. Finally, Zombieland! has you save a city from zombie attack the only way you know how… with a truck that just won’t stop.

This looks like the brilliant silliness that should be on Steam, sitting alongside McPixel. Even if you plan on waiting till the game is further along before picking up a copy. Go show your support by voting for it on Greenlight.