Turok 2 remaster is releasing March 16, adds guns, levels, and a brand new multiplayer mode

Turok 2 remaster

Turok 2 is returning to PC in all its blocky glory, but those blocks have all been smoothed out so they don’t look like ass on your HD monitor. It’ll also be silky smooth. 

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This remaster is in celebration of the game’s 19th anniversary, and everything that made it Turok 2 is being retained, warts and all. It’s just all filtered through a modern renderer, with up-to-date shadow and light maps, screen-space reflections, super-sampling, new decals and more.

Of course, it’s being added to, so it’ll be what you remember, just more of it. As well as new puzzles, weapons, and environments, this remaster introduces a fresh multiplayer mode named Last Turok Standing.

As for general improvements, character speed and manoeuvrability has been bumped, you can grapple ledges, the AI has been improved, and you can quick warp to any previously visited portal. Oh, and you can save and load anywhere.

Created by Iguana Entertainment and Nightdive Studios, Turok 2: Seeds of Evil is due March 16. Check out the trailer above.

Cheers, PCGamer.