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Turtle Rock unveil four new hunters in Evolve


Turtle Rock’s co-op shooter puts four players in the shoes of big game hunters and one player in the rather large shoes of the big game. We knew there were more monsters to be revealed; so far we’ve only seen Goliath, a big lizardy chap. But Turtle Rock have just revealed four more hunters to pick from, too.

Characters in Evolve are broken down into four classes, the assault, trapper, medic, and support. Originally we were introduced to Markov, Griffin, Val, and Hank. In light of the newly revealed characters they now seem a little traditional in their skillsets.

For the assault you can pick between Markov and Hyde. Hyde’s loaded up with a minigun and flamethrower, letting him deal some major damage to the monster. The flamethrower, too, engulfs the monster in fire, making it confusing for the player in control. Hyde can also try and flush the monster out using his toxic grenades. They let out a plume of green, pungent gas that’s poisonous to the monster.

Lazarus is the new medic class. He’s a surprisingly bad healer for a medic but he makes up for it by being able to bring the recently dead back to life. Normally the monster can get some breathing space by killing one of the hunters, forcing them to retreat and regroup. With Lazarus that’s no longer the case. He has a personal stealth, too, so he can go invisible, sidle up to a corpse, and do his work without being spotted by the monster.

The new support class is a robot called Bucket. Bucket’s main skill is the ability to tear his own head off and fly it about the level as a spy drone. If he can find the monster he can highlight it to the rest of the team. As well as his flying head, Bucket can launch flying sentry drones out from his chest.

Finally, the new trapper character is Maggie. She and her pet trapjaw, Daisy, are effective at hunting and holding the monster in place. Daisy’s likened to a bloodhound, she’s a great sense of smell and can track the monster far better than her human companions. The hound can also revive fallen teammates. Maggie’s main weapon is a harpoon mine. She can set that up to trap the monster when it travels through an area.

These four new hunters can be used in any configuration with the original four, allowing for a load of different strategies.

Hopefully Turtle Rock will be announcing some new monsters soon, too, to round out this paty.

Turtle Rock recently announced that Evolve is due out on 21 October. You can find out more about the game in Steve’s preview.