Twitch ban broadcasters from wearing “sexually suggestive” clothing on air


It’s not that your Sims shower skit isn’t totally on-the-nose, or that there’s anything wrong with Leisure Suit Larry cosplay in principle. It’s just that you’re going to have to find somewhere else to perform them.

Dress appropriately,” write Twitch in their new guidelines. “Nerds are sexy, and you’re all magnificent, beautiful creatures, but let’s try and keep this about the games, shall we?”

I’m sorry to inform you that you’re prohibited from hosting videogame streams nude, or while wearing lingerie, swimsuits, undergarments or pasties – the latter of which I had to look up, and turn out to be the most perfunctory possible form of breast coverage.

Topless StarCraft commentary is also a no-no – for girls and for boys.

“If it’s unbearably hot where you are, and you happen to have your shirt off (guys) or a bikini top (grills), then just crop the webcam to your face,” suggest Twitch.

“You may have a great six-pack, but that’s better shared on the beach during a 2-on-2 volleyball game blasting ‘Playing with the Boys’.”

I had to look up Playing with the Boys, too – turns out it’s the ‘80s soft-rock soundtrack to phallic jet take-offs and spinning dog-tags in Top Gun. Clearly, I’ve a lot to learn – but I’m not going to learn any of it watching Twitch.

“We sell t-shirts, and those are always acceptable,” advise the site, cannily.

If you’re in need of further clarification, check our guide on how to stream games on Twitch. Will the new rules detrimentally affect any of your regular viewing?