Twitch adds an esports channel to put competitive gaming in one place

Twitch makes it easier to find "live tournaments, match highlights, and your favourite pro players all in one place"

The next time you load up Twitch, you'll find a new tab at the top of the page, marked esports. The streaming service has introduced a new esports directory to its site today, which collects “live tournaments, match highlights, and your favourite pro players all in one place”. The initiative aims to make it easier to track your preferred competitive multiplayer games, and introduce you to new stuff based on your interests.

The esports directory features a lineup of competitive games at the top, letting you quickly see what's going on in everything from League of Legends to, er, chess. Then there's a list of live matches, some recent highlights, and breakdowns for popular individual games, including big recent streams and links to top players.

“The Esports Directory will be populated with the most competitive and premier esports events around the world,” Twitch says in its announcement, “like ESL Katowice, Rocket League Championships Series, Twitch Rivals, and the League of Legends World Championship to name a few. We’ll continue to add more events, channels, and pros to keep the content fresh and make sure we’re including all of the players and games the community cares about most.”

That post also mentions Farming Simulator League by name, so you know we’re getting the best esports action around. If you haven’t already, get your 30-day Twitch Prime free trial, here.