Twitch’s new game show, Stream On, has a $60k prize for the best streamer

Streaming service Twitch are launching their own game show, and if you are a Twitch Partner who would like to appear, you can submit your video audition now. The show is called Stream On, and is due to premiere in March 2018.

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The show aims to give a boost to Twitch’s best up-and-coming streamers. All Partners are eligible, but smaller streamers who are just on the cusp of turning pro are preferred.

Successful applicants will face challenges designed to test their streaming skills. Twitch are on the hunt for entertaining, competitive streamers, with “great personality and lots of potential,” and will evaluate contestants via a panel of judges. Viewers in chat will also play a role in deciding who advances to the next stage as the competition progresses.

The ultimate winner will receive a grand prize of $5,000 every month for a year – a total of $60,000 – to support their streaming career. If you’re interested, the contest rules can be found here, and video auditions can be submitted here.

Stream On is a pilot, and for logistical reasons only entrants from the USA, Canada, and the UK are eligible to enter. Phrases like “this time around” suggest Twitch are hoping to widen access in future iterations, but no promises just yet.

Here’s the announcement on Twitch’s blog.