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Twitch has raised more than $8m for charity


Since launching only two years ago, the game streaming site Twitch has raised more than $8 million for charity. Regular viewers will be used to seeing streamers taking part in events to raise money for different groups. there have been speedrunning tournaments and other well-organised events, as well as people doing it on the spur of the moment and raising thousands of dollars.

With the upcoming Extra Life 2013 video gaming marathon, Twitch have plans to further highlight the efforts of charitable streamers.

There are already more than 4,500 streamers signed up to raise money for Extra Life on 2 November. The 24-hour gaming marathon raises money to support hospitals predominantly in the US and Canada. You can read more about it on their site.

“Twitch is changing lives by connecting kids in need with gamers who care,” founder and director of Extra Life Jeromy Adams said in a press statement. “What better community to answer the call for help for kids than one that has never lost touch with their inner child. Twitch is game-changing.”

If you’re in favour of raising money to support state-funded hospitals in two of the world’s wealthiest nations then you’ll want to tune into Twitch on 2 November.

“When you look at the causes the Twitch community rallies behind, it covers the entire spectrum,” said Justin Wong, Twitch director of partnerships. “Whether it’s for natural disaster relief, autism, cancer, a friend-or even a stranger-in need, there is a game-playing humanitarian making a difference.”

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