You can vlog on Twitch now, and soon you’ll be able to stream from your mobile easier

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Twitch launched a new content category yesterday, called IRL, as the platform looks to move beyond gaming streams and into vlogging. Mobile broadcasting is the next stage of this project, and will enable users to share live video on the go when it arrives next year. 

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The announcements were made by Twitch product marketer Annie Berrones on the company’s official blog. Her post also announces updated community guidelines pertaining to the new features.

The blog links to a series of FAQs which further outline Twitch’s aims for IRL. The intent is for users to share their experiences when not at the computer, or upload videos of their thoughts and opinions.

“Maybe you like working out and can make it interactive,” say Twitch, as an example. “You just read a great book and want to discuss it. Or maybe you have very strong opinions about the season finale of your favourite show. That kinda thing. Vlogs of your trips into the outside world, such as an amusement park, an event (TwitchCon!), or even the grocery store.”

The IRL category is active as of yesterday, with dozens of channels live as I write this. Some of the most-watched are titled ‘STOCKING DECORATING! :)’, ‘Drunk Stream

The second major announcement is mobile broadcasting, which is coming next year in the form of native streaming from the Twitch mobile app. “This is designed to help you stay in touch with your community even when you’re AFK. Want to stream while roaming the expo floor at PAX West? Go for it!” say Twitch.

Mobile broadcasting will default to the IRL category when it launches. Anyone interested can apply to test the feature in a closed beta by filling out this form.

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