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Here are your five free games from Twitch Prime for April 2020

Here's what Amazon has in store this month

We’re on the eve of a new month, which means it’s time to look at the next round of free PC games coming to Twitch Prime subscribers. As it was in March 2020, this month brings us another selection of notable indie games, including a remaster of an immensely divisive FPS title. Here are your Twitch Prime games for April 2020.

The selection includes Turok, which recently got a substantial remaster treatment to get it playing nicely on modern machines with modern features. We’ve also got the beautiful puzzle-platformer, Etherborn, the darkness-driven puzzler, Lightmatter, the PS1-inspired RPG, Earthlock, and the point-and-click adventure, Kathy Rain.

The games download through the Twitch Prime client, and these installs are typically DRM-free, so you can launch the executable as you like without the Twitch app. If you’ve already got an Amazon Prime subscription, you can link a Twitch account for access to the Prime goodies. If you’re a new subscriber, you can take advantage of a free trial to get the games, too.

There are loads of other bits of content available through the service, including the Rainbow Six Siege Twitch Prime skins.

The new Twitch Prime games and content go live on April 1.