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Twitch pledges to stop running ads for big streamers on small channels

After community criticism over ads for Ninja and Pokimane, Twitch says it will stop running those promotions on smaller channels.

Twitch says it will avoid running ads that might pull smaller creators’ audiences away to larger channels, after fielding criticism at the beginning of the year over advertisements for Ninja’s New Years’ Eve stream ran on channels across the platform.

Streamers on Twitch have bristled at some of the promotions its run for some of its biggest creators – there was the spot for Ninja’s stream on New Years’ Eve, and lately, one for Pokimane’s NFL Pro Bowl event. In both cases, notable streamers complained that the ads seemed designed to pull viewers away from the channel they were watching, directing them to the biggest names on the platform.

Now, Twitch says its taken that feedback to heart, pledging in a statement this week to stop running ads for big streamers on smaller channels.

“Since December, there have been two instances of advertisements on Twitch which we believed help spotlight exciting events taking place on-site with some of our creators,” Twitch posted in a statement on its official Twitter account. “We recognize those good intentions caused concern across our broader Twitch creators that these advertisements may drive their audiences elsewhere, and that we had unintentionally created a potentially negative impact with our efforts.”

Twitch said it had pulled the most recent ad, for Pokimane’s event, and that going forward it won’t run spots for “on-site events and/or creators that potentially drive your viewers to other Twitch channels.”

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Twitch thanked its creators for their feedback, which ranged from Dr. Disrespect’s rather terse “Don’t ever do it again either” to @LLance’s more creative feedback:

You’ll still be seeing Ninja’s NFL ad, which is slated to air during the Super Bowl tomorrow. But that you’ll have to watch somewhere other than Twitch – such as an old-fashioned television or a bar.