, Alienware and Steelseries offer $10,000 gaming scholarship to streaming stars


If you follow competitive gaming, you’ll have seen a pretty sizeable increase in the community over the past year or so. It’s this explosion that inspired CEO, Emmet Shear to want to give something back to the visitors of his site, which accommodates over 17 million unique users every month and all in less than a year from launch. Together with Alienware and Steelseries, Twitch.Tv is now offering a scholarship of $10,000 for gamers.

The three companies don’t want to upset any mums and dads, so they’ve cleverly made a 3.0 grade average a prerequisite. We’re not sure what that means for people not bound to the US education system. Frank Azor, Alienware General Manager says that “the goal is to encourage the top players to pursue higher education while continuing to compete at the highest levels of gaming.” Try telling that to the top-tier Starcraft II players.
If you’re pro enough, you’ll get $10,000 out of the $50,000 on offer to a total of five winners, who will be judged by what their official site describes as a ‘judging committee’. The requirements are everything you’d expect; high in game rankings, top tourney placements and regular interaction with the community among other things.
If you want a pop at this $10,000 scholarship, you’ll need to submit an 800 word essay, a one minute video and a list of your gaming achievements – which can be from any game of your choosing – by July 15. How you’ll do all that whilst maintaining a 3.0 grade average and your hard-earned in-game rankings, is another challenge entirely.

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