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Two Point Campus reveals how to train tomb raiders

The Two Point Campus Archaelogy course is the place to keep up with the Joneses.

The Two Point Campus Archaeology course awaits

The latest Two Point Campus trailer goes in-depth on the management game‘s Archaeology course, where players will be able to train prospective students in the art of uncovering hidden artifacts and raiding tombs – and even possibly uncover a race of mole people.

Two Point Campus is the follow-up to Two Point Hospital, which was itself a spiritual successor to Bullfrog’s Theme Hospital – one of the best old PC games that’s still entertaining today. Campus moves away from the hospital theme towards running a wacky college, and it’ll likely be just as challenging.

The new trailer is the first in a series of reveals for the various classes available in Two Point Campus, and is all about the Archaeology course. Players can take groups of students to dig sites, where they have to uncover various artifacts using items ranging from careful brushes to pneumatic drills. The more the students learn, the better treasures they can dig up, and the more experience the teacher gets, the quicker the students learn – and the more money the player gets.

You can check out the trailer below, which suggests there may be unexpected surprises lurking in wait at some of these dig sites – including possible mole people. Two Point Hospital had aliens, so it’s not that far of a stretch.

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Two Point Campus releases on May 17 and is one of the top upcoming PC games to look forward to this year, especially if you like Aardman-style humour with your management-strategy.