Sega announces first Two Point Campus DLC and a stream to be proud of

The first Two Point Campus DLC is a Pride Month pack that's free for everyone once the game launches and a charity livestream to raise funds for Mermaids

Sega announced the first Two Point Campus DLC and streaming event ahead of the game’s launch later in summer. The DLC is the Pride Pack, which, despite being themed around Pride Month, will be available for free on console and PC when Two Point Campus launches on August 9, 2022. Sega also announced the developers will host a Two Point Campus livestream on June 28 to commemorate the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots and to raise and funds for Mermaids, a charity dedicated to providing support and assistance to transgender, non-binary, and gender-diverse children and their families.

Sega Pride, the publisher’s internal employee resource group, organized the event and is partnering with 50 streamers from around the world, who, along with Sega itself, have already raised over £16,000.

You can watch the stream on Sega’s official Twitch channel or make a donation on Tiltify.

“For most young people, college or University is the place to make new friends or fall in love for the very first time,” Sega said in the announcement. “This is no different in Two Point Campus, where Relationships are an important new feature of the game, as you guide and nurture your students through their university experience. Two Point Studios believes in ‘love is love’, which means that in Two Point Campus, any student can form a romantic relationship with any other student.”

The Two Point Campus Pride Pack includes everything you need to deck your room, and everyone else’s, in Pride, including rainbow rugs, wall hangings, and bed coverings, and the items will always be available once Two Point Campus launches – and will always be free.

It looks like you can even decorate some of the classrooms or recreation areas, so that’s worth bearing in mind if you end up taking wizardry courses.

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