Two Point Hospital gets a release date and a man turns into a Picasso


Two Point Hospital has a release date: August 30. The game’s Steam page – which previously gave ‘2018’ as the release date, and ‘Fall 2018’ before that – has just been updated with the announcement. Pre-orders are now live, and will offer a 10% discount off the usual purchase price of £24.99 ($29.99). 

To celebrate the announcement, the devs have teased another of the game’s quirky diseases – Cubism – in a brand new trailer. The trailer stars Trevor, Two Point County’s “illest” resident and thus a living demo for Lightheadedness, Mummification, Clownism and now, Cubism, which has transformed him into a walking Picasso (or perhaps a Braque).

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Enjoyable though cubism is, personally I prefer nudity. Wait, let me explain: we were recently told about another new disease named Emperor’s New Clothes, in which pixellated patients believe they are naked, and do all sorts of “horrendous” things in relation to other patients. While naked.

For more information, screenshots, and trailers, check out the Steam page, or read our Two Point Hospital hands-on impressions.

You can also check out the new trailer, featuring the travails of Trevor, below.

Two Point Hospital is set in Two Point County, which, ultimately, the devs want to populate with several other management sims, all interlinked and affecting one another – back in April, they gave the example of a Two Point Service Station. Here’s hoping Two Point Hospital is a strong launch toward that tantalising goal.