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Chris Avellone had a significant impact on Tyranny before he left Obsidian

Tyranny Chris Avellone

Obsidian lost their Pillars of Eternity narrative designer and games industry veteran Chris Avellone half way through last year, as he departed the company to work on other projects. However, before he went, he was involved with their latest sprawling RPG, Tyranny.

Read Jeremy’s deep dive on Tyranny gameplay and the evil at its core.

“He was on early production on Tyranny,” reveals game director Brian Heins. “Some of the concepts of this IP were constructed by Chris, some of the characters have the same names he gave them and the same ideas.

“For me one of the reasons I came to Obsidian was to work with Chris Avellone so on a personal level it's disappointing because I'd love to keep working with him and possibly in the future we'll have that opportunity again.”

Of course, it did have an impact when he departed. “With Obsidian there was a shift and change when he left but with the games coming out there's a lot of opportunity for people to step up and show what they're doing.”

The folks are Obsidian wish him the best of luck though. “Him moving on - he's ready for other challenges and it's great to see the things he's working on. Prey [was] announced and it looks fantastic, it's new horizons for him.”

We’ll get to see how Tyranny has shaped up later this year. For more on Avellone, here’s our big interview with the man himself and how to write an RPG - from characters, to quests, to options.

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AnAuldWolf Avatar
1 Year ago

Oh, that doesn't surprise me at all.

Pseudo-intellectual babble about the fate of humanity, and how it will always be lead by alpha figures with the power to do things? Check!

Post-apocalypse where humanity is in the dirt, has been down-trodden, and can only ever be at that point with only the odd hero to show them a moment of light? Check!

Excessive hand-wringing over every human barring the odd alpha figure is a mindless sheep, and thus unable to do anything to help themselves? Check!

Faux-deep thinking about how being a dick is the only means to power in the Universe and that one must embrace their dickishness to follow their dreams in any meaningful way? Check!

I mean, sure, I can be pessimistic but I prefer to keep that out of my video games (or any form of entertainment) as I prefer those to be escapism. I'd want to see more hopeful, reaffirming takes on humanity there that have overcome the trifles of today. I mean, yes, I accept that humanity can be driven to do terrible, awful things by their biological imperatives, but I'm actually sick of seeing that in video games (I've often spoke about how tired I am of video games setting up beautiful, Aryan humans against ugly people, since ugly people are evil because reasons).

Avellone though just brings that baggage with him into video games, he rubs his dick all over them and ruins them. He did that with Ulysses in New Vegas. He did that with Kreia in Knights of the Old Republic 2. He did that with Grieving Mother in Pillars. He took the happy ending away from the intelligent deathclaws in Fallout 2 simply because he believed humans would never let them have one (not even the fictional humans of Fallout). And... he keeps doing that. This setting looked like an Avellone wet fantasy from the start.

It's why I've had nothing to say about this game. It's just not my cup of tea.

Obsidian needs to let go of Avellone, even as a concept. He was never a particularly good writer. He was an edgelord that somehow managed to amass a cult of popularity. They're better off without him and they'll make better games without him, too.

I'm tired of his depressing, pessimistic, alpha-loving manure.

I mean, really, who didn't do a massive facepalm at just everything Ulysses (Avellone's most obvious mouthpiece of all) said? And if you didn't... why not? Unless you actually believe that there's no point in human society and that we should all be nuked to hell and back so that the survivors can be lead by gangs where we live in horrible regimes. Where the 'weak' have no place and they're quickly killed off to make way for the strong. Their otherwise valid contributions of art, science, and culture left to twist in the wind. That'd be lovely.

Avellone is just a poor man's Nietzsche. And there was never anything particularly special about Nietzsche to begin with!

Shriven Avatar
1 Year ago

I did write something very long here. It was about how all your comments get voted down and the general content of them being painful to read. Instead I decided to sum up my (and many others) thoughts on your comments AuldWolf in the happy medium of a YouTube video.


Anakhoresis Avatar
1 Year ago

Their posts really do make me wish there was an ignore/block feature in the PCGamesN comment.

transparent cat Avatar
1 Year ago

i feel like there's a pretty big problem when someone gets celebrated for replying to a well-worded opinion post with "shut the fuck up" but maybe that's just me???????

MrAptronym Avatar
MrAptronym(2 days 10 hours played)
1 Year ago

I wouldn't call it well worded. Though his/her opinions might be unpopular, that is not the only reason they get downvoted to the abyss. AnAuldWolf's comments come off as condescending and even insulting towards people with opposing views. They don't provoke well reasoned replies because they aren't using the language of reasonable discourse.

Ben Barrett Avatar
Ben Barrett(1 day 7 hours played) replied to MrAptronym
1 Year ago

I don't think that excuses as poor a response as "here is le funneh YT video"

MrAptronym Avatar
MrAptronym(2 days 10 hours played) replied to MrAptronym
1 Year ago

I apparently cannot reply to Ben, so let me add here that I don't think the stupid youtube video is excused, I just don't think the original post is much better. Much higher effort yes, but I consider the whole discussion low.

MrAptronym Avatar
MrAptronym(2 days 10 hours played)
1 Year ago

Same as usual, but this time I will add that I don't think you understand Nietzsche.