Ubisoft open a new studio in Stockholm to work on their Avatar game

Ubisoft Stockholm

There’s a new Ubisoft studio opening in Stockholm, Sweden, headed up by former EA DICE studio manager Patrick Bach. The new studio will work with Ubisoft Massive, based in Malmö, on new triple-A projects. 

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Ubisoft say Stockholm is one of the world’s “great gaming hubs,” filled with talented developers and other creative talent. They’re opening a new studio there to tap into this pool.

Upon opening, the studio will be offering 100 new jobs in the area, over the next two years, in addition to 200 new positions at their Malmö studio.

“The focus is to create great games of course, including working with Massive on the recently announced Avatar game,” Bach says in the announcement. “To make great games you need a great team, a clear vision, great working conditions and a company backing you and supporting those pillars. I think we’ve got all those ingredients combined to make this studio a success, and offer something new on the dev scene in Stockholm.”

If you think you fit the bill, check out the Ubisoft jobs site.