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Far Cry Primal accidentally leaked, will take us back to the Ice Age

Ubisoft teaser

Update 06/10/15: IGN Turkey accidentally tweeted a screenshot and revealed the name of Ubisoft's upcoming project: Far Cry Primal. The prehistoric-looking game is said to be set in the Ice Age according to Kotaku's sources, and so will leave behind the collection of big guns and vehicles that we're so used to in Far Cry games. Is this a new direction for the series, or a smaller off-shoot project like Far Cry: Blood Dragon? All remains to be revealed. 

Original Story: Ubisoft started teasing something new through the age old method of cave paintings. Since this afternoon, the publisher’s YouTube channel has hosted an evolving stream, depicting an increasingly elaborate cave painting.

What started off as a single hunter with a bow has, over the hours, transformed into a painting full of hunting scenes and one big woolly mammoth. The tag “survival is timeless” doesn’t offer up too many clues, but let’s not allow that to stop us from rampant speculation. 

First off, here's the teaser:

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But what could it mean. 

Has science gone too far… back!?

Assassin’s Creed has long rooted around through history, conjuring up settings like Revolutionary France and Renaissance Italy, but what’s lurking in pre-history? Scale mammoths! Assassinate early modern man! Collect a million cave paintings! 

No time period is safe from Abstergo and their mad science. 

Far Far Cry

Far Cry 3 and 4 were, at their cores, games about mercilessly and senselessly slaughtering animals so you could have a bigger wallet or a new gun holster. Presumably there were shops, but no, the animal kingdom provides enough. Here’s the thing, though, you did it, you killed all the animals. So where can you go now?

Have you ever heard of a sabretooth cat? 

Beyond Good and Evil 2

Ha! Yeah, right. 

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AnAuldWolf avatarFlappers avatarSalvador avatarShriven avatarInquisitar avatar
AnAuldWolf Avatar
2 Years ago


Beyond Good & Evil 2 is the only thing I want to see out of Ubisoft and that's been true for over a decade (with the exception fo Rayman, at least). What happened to Ubisoft? They used to be c-- hip cats.

I suspect this is just going to be Ubisoft soullessly trying to capture the indie scene's money again, though. I hate to be so cynical and bitter, but the only magic I've seen Ubisoft capture in forever has been through the medium of Rayman. Don't get me wrong, Rayman is bloody wonderful, but there was a time when almost all of their library was like that.

Capitalism and money, I suppose. Sell what sells.

I still want Beyond Good & Evil 2, though. I'm just... not sure if I'd trust Ubisoft to actually make it.

Flappers Avatar
2 Years ago

IGN revealed by mistake the next Farcry Game: Farcry Primal

Primal being the key word here along with that picture

Salvador Avatar
2 Years ago

Perhaps it's that game they talked about at E3 that covers important moments in human history.

Shriven Avatar
2 Years ago

Well, IGN dun fucked up.


Inquisitar Avatar
2 Years ago

Yawn another far craft game