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Ubisoft survey: More pirates, less assassins

Ubisoft survey

It’s hard to imagine anyone not feeling that Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag is the best Assassin’s Creed, though the way that it eschews much of the guff the series has become known for might make it just the best game rather than the best example of the franchise.

Regardless, Ubisoft’s decision to take the action to the high seas proved to be the right one, and it wants to know if players would like to see more piratical antics entirely removed from the Assassin’s Creed universe. The obvious answer is “yes”. But Ubisoft also wants to know what features players would hope for in such an adventure, from a deeper economy, more ship customisation and even a customisable pirate. All of those things, Ubisoft, all of them.

Of course, Assassin’s Creed has not been put out to pasture. The annual series will likely continue well after humans have been wiped out, with robots churning out installment after installment because they’ve been programmed to do so until our sun dies out. Ubisoft wanted to know what direction players felt they should take, mentioning a modern day protagonist (because we all miss Desmond “Mr. Personality” Miles) and quizzing survey participants about historical settings they’d like to see.

What do you lovely people think of a non-Assassin’s Creed pirate adventure? And would you be up for another Assassins vs. Templars outing in a different historical setting?

Cheers, IGN.