Ubisoft’s games unplayable as Uplay servers go offline during Steam Summer Sale


Oh dear. So Ubisoft’s Uplay servers, which hold up the mandatory DRM hoop through which your Ubisoft games must jump before you can play them, went offline for most of Sunday. That meant that Ubisoft games such as Anno 2070, Assassin’s Creed Revelations and Splinter Cell Conviction were inaccessible to customers. The timing wasn’t wonderful either, with the outage happening right in the middle of the Steam Summer Sale, through which Ubisoft had been selling a discounted Anno 2070, as well as a popular Ubisoft bundle. The Uplay service has since come back online, the games you excitedly snapped up in the sale are once again playable, and Ubisoft have apologised.

That post on the Ubisoft forum cheerilyreads: “Hello, Sorry for the inconvenience. The Uplay PC service should now be up and running properly. Please try logging into your game and let us know if you have any issues. You can find the links to Support in my signature. Thanks.”

The full thread of complaints now stands at almost 300 acid-spitting posts from furious Ubisoft customers, some of whom are still claiming to be unable to access the Uplay service. This is the most polite one we’ve seen, censorship courtesy of the Ubisoft forum’s overheating swear filter: “I paid $40 for Anno 2070, got about 3 hours of gametime then spent the rest of my Sunday afternoon ranting to my friends about your **** service. Now I’m back to work for the week and I read that you fixed the problem, and not before the community figured out a workaround that you couldn’t even provide us officially as a temporary solution. ****ing pack of clowns.”

Frustration was further compounded by Ubisoft’s customer support not being available over the weekend, leaving many in the dark as to quite why their shiny new games weren’t working. Oops.