New Omega Mode changes just about everything in Ultra Street Fighter IV

Ultra Street Fighter IV Omega Mode

Ultra Street Fighter IV is getting a free update soon in the form of Omega Mode: where each and every fighter gets tweaked with altered moves, some entirely new. In a new weekly Capcom Unity blogpost, developer Tomoaki Ayano breaks down just what’s changed for Street Fighter’s pedigree warriors: Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Edmund Honda, Blanka, Zangief, Guile and Dhalsim.

First, there’s a few new rules that go with the new mode. It’ll be a new edition selectable in the character select screen. The new addition brings the total amount to a whopping six. It’ll be entirely unique, and so won’t include the new features for Ultra such as Red Focus or Ultra Combo Double.

When we dive into the moveset changes, it becomes apparent that each one is more of a love letter to each character’s unique characteristics. Ryu – being the undeniable face of the franchise – has new moves that harken back to the old Street Fighter games. E.Honda is going back to his sumo roots with all his moves getting extra pushbacks. Russian grappler Zangief will now have even more ways to get up close and personal, allowing up to set up those all important grab moves.

There’s a ton more, and you can read over at the blogpost. Next week, they’ll be detailing seven more fighters, including the four infamous boss characters.