Street Fighter 4 combo video Street Fighter The RPG is a love letter to SF and Final Fantasy

Street Fighter The RPG

I haven’t seen a combo video that made me wish it was a mod before. Legendary combo-wizard Desk has posted his final big Street Fighter 4 video, Street Fighter The RPG, and it’s an absolute masterpiece. If you’ve never heard of him, he’s a musician and Street Fighter player who regularly combines the two to create great combo videos. He’s also a master at finding bugs, exploits and holes in the game to make things happen you wouldn’t expect.

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His latest and best work combines Street Fighter and classic JRPG stylings to great effect. It’s also packed with flashy, entertaining combos in its own right, beyond the months of post-processing work that went into making it look as good as it does.

In the video description, Desk says that “all the damage info was calculated to give real time HP info at the bottom and accurate hit by hit info over the combos.” Sadly this isn’t some code we can download and apply to our own games, instead being something he painstakingly created in editing, lining up real-time HP values and damage numbers with their normally invisible counter-parts in-game. It took, understandably, a long time.

He also says that, as his last video, it’s packed with in-jokes and references to Street Fighter, most of which he expects few people to get. Aftereight years as one of the most respected video-makers in the business, he also issued a heart-felt thanks to the fans who have kept watching his videos all this time. He’s not going anywhere, planning to do just as much, if not more, for Street Fighter V once it rolls around. I, for one, can’t wait to see it.