Here’s nine minutes of Underrail’s expansion, Expedition


Stygian Software have released a nine-minute video of Expedition, the next expansion coming to their isometric, post-apocalyptic RPG, Underrail.

Please note the word “video” there. Stygian really, really want you to know this is footage from recent internal testing and “NOT a trailer,” ok? Ok. It contains some spoilers, too, so proceed with caution.

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While Underrail was pushed back from its original release date earlier this year, Stygian state“even though we’ve been quiet, [we’ve been] working hard on getting all the content for the expansion done,” and all the new mechanics have been “implemented.”

“The good news is that the the bulk of the main quest, including all the heavy scripting, c&c, etc, is complete and functioning (for the most part, it needs further testing, of course),” Stygian adds.

As yet, there’s still not confirmation of a release date. I’m sorry.