‘Uninstall QuickTime for Windows today’ urges security firm

Quicktime Windows

PC security firm TrendMicro urges anyone with QuickTime installed on a Windows machine to remove it immediately after Apple withdraws support for the video player.

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Apple is set to deprecate the QuickTime platform for Microsoft Windows after today, meaning no more security updates will be issued for the software.

As part of TrendMicro’s services, they have identified two zero-day vulnerabilities in the current release, which will now never be fixed, and Apple recommends users uninstall QuickTime.

The vulnerabilities – which will not affect Mac OSX users to the same extent as Apple continues to support their own platforms – allow for remote code execution due to a heap corruption.

Both of the exploits would require a user to visit a compromised web site running malicious code to allow code to be executed, but the safest option according to TrendMicro is just to get rid of the QuickTime player altogether.

Apple offers advice on how to uninstall QuickTime here, and you can find a superior replacement to watch your videos on literally anywhere.