Unity to sponsor 50 developers affected by the Trump travel ban to attend Unite Europe

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Unity are taking a stand against President Trump’s travel ban, which disrupted travel to America from certain Muslim countries during GDC. If you were affected by the ban, Unity want you to get in touch so they can make up for it. 

Some of our upcoming PC games may be made in Unity. 

“President Trump’s latest travel ban is damaging to businesses worldwide,” say Unity in their press release. “While some companies will simply accept it, Unity – the world’s leading VR development engine – is taking action.”

Unity Without Borders will be offering 50 developers a trip to Unite Europe in Amsterdam.

If your application is accepted, Unity will provide a Schengen Visa sponsorship packet and reimbursement for visa fees, plus a round-trip airline ticket to Amsterdam from your country of residence, four nights of hotel accommodation, a per diem allowance, and a ticket to Unite Europe.

It’s a lovely gesture, and I hope there are 50 developers that take them up on the offer. If that sounds like you, details are on the Unity site.

“The Iranian games industry is vibrant and growing. We boast a talented developer community with more than 100 games studios, 80 percent of which are established teams and 20 of which are indie set ups,” explains Tehran based PHD student SeyedMahdi Dabestani.

“Games developers from around the world are currently working in Tehran-based studios. At the same time many Iranian developers have settled in other countries and have roles in leading gaming businesses. However, since the Trump administration introduced its unprecedented executive order, attending US events is no longer possible and we feel that there is no good reason for this.

“We welcome initiatives such as Unity Without Borders. The programme enables us to continue showcasing the potential of the Iranian gaming community at a global level. We also need to remember that the progress of this industry is not just about making more games – it’s about being able to drive awareness on a global stage as well as sharing and contributing ideas with our international peers.”