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Unreal Engine 4 Kite demo shows off procedural generation, giant landscapes and big ears

Unreal Engine 4 Kite demo

The big news from Epic is that the Unreal Engine 4’s subscription model has been tossed in the bin, and it’s now free, with Epic only making money when the developer does. That’s all well and good, but why would you want to use Unreal Engine 4? Epic’s put together a short film about a big-eared lad chasing a kite to show what the engine is capable of.

Those are some next next gen ears, right there. The short film and tech demo was generated in real-time in the Unreal Engine 4 and 30fps, all 100 square miles of it.

“Everything in the Kite demo is running in real time in Unreal Engine 4 at 30fps,” said Kim Libreri, CTO of Epic Games. “In addition to our new open world features, you’re seeing fully dynamic direct and indirect illumination, cinematic quality depth of field and motion blur, PBR photo modelled assets and procedural asset placement.”

Epic’s using the demo to showcase the engine’s large open-world features, photo reconstruction and procedural generation.

You can faff around with Unreal Engine 4 for free right now.