Unreal Engine starts a free, five-week online course for aspiring developers

Got time on your hands? Maybe it's time to build some game development skills...

You might be looking at a whole lot of free time in the weeks ahead, and you may be looking at ways to enrich yourself in that time – totally realistic goals that you will definitely make good on, I’m sure. Epic Games is bringing a new online Unreal Engine course to help aspiring game developers keep improving over the next few weeks.

The Unreal Fast Track is free and open to university students around the world, whether or not you’ve got previous experience with Unreal. The five weekly courses will open with an introduction to the engine while building a third-person platformer, followed by sessions on Blueprints, Unreal Motion Graphics, AI, and the final steps of building your project.

The course is built for teams and organised through Discord, and it features access to members of the industry to help develop both technical and soft skills. “By the end of the Unreal Fast Track,” Epic says in the announcement, “you along with the rest of your team will be able to make games in Unreal Engine.”

You can sign up on the official site. The Unreal Fast Track is now underway and runs until May 14.