Unreal Indie Bundle appears on Steam; includes Sanctum, Unmechanical, and more


A bundle of Unreal Engine-powered indie games has found its way into the Steam store. Apparently, it’s only available for a limited time so if you have £15 burning a hole in your virtual wallet and you’ve managed to avoid picking up a copy of great games like Sanctum, Dungeon Defenders, and Unmechanical then this could be the bundle for you.

The £15 asking price nets you a copy of Q.U.B.E., Sanctum, The Ball, Unmechanical, Dungeon Defenders, Primal Carnage, and Waves.

Sanctum’s a great blend of FPS and tower defense, putting you boots on the ground against waves of encroaching enemies. It’s up there with Defence Grid in terms of a pinnacle of tower defense games.

The Ball is the only other one I’ve tried and, while I’ve heard good things about the puzzler, it never gripped me. That’s largely because the first hour or so I played felt like a bit of a drudgery tutorial, it may open up after that.

Waves and Dungeon Defenders are two games I’ve seen people lose their lives too. So they, with Sanctum, could make the bundle worth it if you don’t own any of them already.

You can pick up a copy of the bundle through the Steam Store.