Unreal Tournament pulls on its Halloween mask for spooky seasonal rewards

Unreal Tournament Halloween

Unreal Tournament is in its own variant of early access at the moment, slowly growing as both Epic Games and the UT community work together to make their new creation. It’s a bit like Frankenstein’s monster really, with bits gradually being sewn on. Talking of creepy monsters, the latest appendage to be applied is a Halloween update with a few pumpkin-themed additions.

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The update adds Spooky Face, a horror variation of the Facing Worlds map. Available to unlock will be a Pumpkin Fiend mask for harvesting 6666 pumpkins, a Harvest Gourd for 200 skulls, and Trickster Horns for 5 spooky stars. There’s just over a week remaining until Halloween, so you’d best get grabbing those pumpkins.

The update also adds plenty of standard fixes and changes, such as improved AI for the bots, and a new interface for downloading community creations. You can read about them all in great detail in the patch notes.

Unreal Tournament is free to download and get involved in, so if you fancy reliving some Facing Worlds action with a spooky twist, go ahead.

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