UnReal World has been in development since 1992 and it’s finally heading to Steam

UnReal World

Imagine working on a survival game for over two decades and then to release it on Steam in 2016. In 1992, when development started on UnReal World, there wasn’t even a Steam, never mind a Steam saturated with survival games.

Did I mention that there are loads of survival games on Steam? We even made a list of the best ones and put them in a feature called ‘best PC survival games‘.

UnReal Worldbegan life as a shareware ASCII roguelike and has evolved over decades of development. At one point it had a D&D-inspired fantasy slant complete with elves, orcs, mages, rogues, spells, magic potions, and today it’s set in Finland during the Iron Age.

There’s an extensive history of the game’s development on the site, tracing back to its beginnings over 20 years ago.

In the current version you can live your life as a fisherman, roleplay a hermit, a perhaps brave adventurer, a hunter, a trapper or even a tradesman. It’s one of those sandbox-style things. It might be called UnReal World, but don’t expect Unreal 4-level visuals.

It does seem like there’s plenty of depth, however, which there wants to be after such a long dev time, frankly. Even the trailer is out of the past. Have a look:

It’s coming to Steam for $10.99 February 26, but you can try it through the official site if those few days are just too painful to handle.