Upcoming PC games

What are the best upcoming games to keep an eye on this year and the next? Hope, anticipation, agony, and elation – it is the endless cycle of emotions we go through during the annual PC release schedule.

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Year in, year out, games – via Steam and otherwise – are produced in such varying degrees of quality that no game is destined for certain success. Masterpieces are released alongside utter disasters, franchises are born while others dwindle and occasionally – so very occasionally – a game actually lives up to our expectations.


Upcoming PC games Q2 2018


Dark Souls Remastered

When Dark Souls first landed on PC in 2016 it was not in the best of states. With technical issues and resolution problems and much more, it took third-party patches to get the game running well. Now, thankfully, a new team is handling a remastered version  of the notoriously challenging action-RPG.

Rumours have it that Dark Souls Remastered will come packing the excellent Artorias of the Abyss DLC with an “improved frame rate and resolution from the original.” If this means 60fps, it seems PC fans will finally get the port that this special game deserves. Prepare to die all over again.

Dark Souls Remastered release date: May 25, 2018



The first game for feels-central developer Dontnod to release after Life is Strange is, obviously, about consuming the flesh of the living for sustenance. Vampyr casts you as a recently-vampirised doctor in 1918, just as Spanish Flu is really starting to mess Europe up. London is the setting, dark is the tone, and surviving is the plan, while trying not to destroy all sense of civilisation in Britain’s capital. Good luck.

Vampyr release date: June 5, 2018


Jurassic World Evolution

We have been watching human beings make mistakes with dinosaurs and theme parks since 1993, but now we get to make them ourselves with Jurassic World Evolution. Presumably, considering the summer release date, there is going to be some sort of tie-in with the Jurassic World film sequel, but Evolution looks to partly be a theme park sim in a similar vein to Planet Coaster. It looks like you can create your own attractions and organise your own park before it inevitably gets destroyed.

Jurassic World Evolution release date: June 12, 2018


Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy

Good news: PlayStation’s icon marsupial Crash Bandicoot will be rolling and jumping his way onto PC. The bad news? This remastered trilogy including Crash Bandicoot, Cortex Strikes Back, and Warped is damn hard. On the plus side, we will be getting all the players PS4 players enjoyed, with luscious 4K-o-vision to sweeten the platforming deal.

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy release date: June 29, 2018


Crackdown 3

How do you make explosions even more explosive? Get the cloud to compute them. That is the plan for Crackdown 3, the years-late sequel to one of the Xbox’s most popular games.

Crackdown 3 release date: Spring 2018


Steel Rats

Steel Rats is a bike adventure game that blends Trials with Inside, which would be excellent if we were any good at it. This really is not a game for casuals: messing around on your Harley Davidson-esque motorbike in this dark, dieselpunk world feels like actually learning to ride. 

From the developers behind Urban Trial Freestyle, Steel Rats allows you to choose one of four greaser gang characters to save the industrial Coastal City from an invasion of dastardly robots. The Blade Runner and Tron influences are clear throughout; Steel Rats promises to be a treat.

Steel Rats release date: Summer 2018


The Crew 2

Cars! But not just cars. That is the concept of The Crew 2: it adds biplanes and boats to the formula, along with the usual massive collection of cars and other road-based vehicles. You can even switch between them on the fly, weirdly.

The Crew 2 release date: Mid 2018


Upcoming PC games Q3 2018


The Banner Saga 3

For fans of turn-based RPGs that appreciate an attractive, hand-drawn art-style with their role-playing, we come bearing good news: The Banner Saga is back with a third game. Unfortunately, there is also bad news: this will be the last in the series.

A character we know about is Varl loyalist Fasolt. We find him in something of a quandary, weighing up whether to help or hinder humanity as the end of the world looms.

The Banner Saga 3 release date: July 24, 2018


Dragon Quest 11

For the first time we will be getting a numbered entry of the Dragon Quest series on PC. Like many in the series before it, Dragon Quest XI tells a standalone story about a reincarnated hero on the run from a massive army. With a diverse cast of characters, large world, and plenty of quests with which to test out your JRPG, turn-based combat skills, Dragon Quest XI will have around 100 hours of role-playing goodness.

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age release date: September 4, 2018


Shadow of the Tomb Raider

In this third entry to Lara's grave-robbing reboot, Shadow of the Tomb Raider will have an even darker tone. The nervous, inexperienced explorer we found in the first game is long gone: Shadow proves to be the famous tomb raider's most predatory hour yet.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider release date: September 14, 2018


Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner - Mars

In case you missed Konami’s adored hack-and-slash and third-person shooter mash-up when it initially launched on PS2 in 2003, Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner is coming to PC in 2018.

It is 2174 and your job is to take down the evil BAHRAM military organisation, who are suppressing society across Earth and Mars, with the help of a powerful mech called Jehuty. The enhanced edition adds 4K and VR support to the sci-fi action game, so it should not look too shabby for a 15-year-old console game.

Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner - Mars: September 2018


Monster Hunter: World

The PC is getting a Monster Hunter game with all the bells and whistles you could hope for, just without the release date. The PC version will appear at an unspecified date in Autumn, around half a year after the console launch. That extra time better pay off.

Monster Hunter release date: Autumn 2018


Upcoming PC games Q4 2018


Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

It is Treyarch’s turn to get boots on the ground with the Call of Duty license this year. It will be a continuation of the Black Ops series and we are very much hoping for a typically excellent zombie mode and tight, engaging multiplayer.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 release date: October 12, 2018


Ashes of Creation

The latest in the long line of Kickstarter MMOs, but Ashes of Creation is one that has inspired enough people to blow past its $750,000 asking price, reaching beyond the $3.2 million mark. The wait is already starting to feel long.

Ashes of Creation release date: December, 2018


Anno 1800

We are excited to have a go at some more city builder goodness with Anno 1800. This Victorian-flavoured entry is a welcome change after the futuristic outing we enjoyed with Anno 2205. Expect lots of ships, smog, and vintage dresses.

Anno 1800 release date: Winter 2018 


Upcoming PC games TBC 2018



BioMutant came from pretty much nowhere, but its vibrant and mysterious world revealed in its initial trailer has made us embrace it with open arms. So far, we’ve seen some typical RPG fare and character creation screens, but we do also know BioMutant has a karma system and a variety of attractive worlds from arid deserts to snowy mountaintops.

BioMutant release date: TBC 2018


Xenonauts 2

XCOM’s indie cousin takes a lot from the original games – differentiating it from the smaller squad sizes of the modern-day efforts. Xenonauts 2 was announced with a splash page in 2016, and work has been done on it quietly ever since. But builds are now readily available from the official site and to prove it's at a seriously playable point.

Xenonauts 2 release date: TBC 2018



Valve have another game coming out - which, being made by Valve, means it’s certain to be excellent. Revealed at The International, Artifact is a digital card game set in the Dota 2 universe. You play across three boards with each player taking control of five heroes, playing them down lanes with spawning creeps. Heroes, cards, and spells will be repurposed for this collectible card game - obviously, we are very excited.

Artifact release date: TBC 2018


Untitled Goose Game

Developers House House are known for their zany titles, such as the curious wrestling game Push Me Pull You. Next from them is a game about a sociopathic goose. This untitled goose game appears to be built around two interactions: honking, and grasping things with your beak. It is certainly, er, something.

Untitled Goose Game release date: TBC 2018


The Walking Dead: The Final Season

It feels like only yesterday that we stumbled upon the small, terrified Clementine, hidden away in her suburban home as the zombie apocalypse swept society away. In 2012, as Lee, it was our job to protect Clem, but now, in 2018, she is a fully-grown, experienced survivor looking out for the diminutive AJ as Telltale’s The Walking Dead comes to a close. Featuring the return of Gary Whitta on writing duties, expect blood, sweat, and an ocean of tears for The Walking Dead: The Final Season.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season release date: TBC 2018


Project Hospital

Remember Theme Hospital? Developer Oxymoron Games does, too. In fact, they are pretty brazen about their version, Project Hospital, and how similar it is to its inspiration. Oxymoron Games claim that it will “cure your nostalgia.”

But you will not just be running a hospital: this upcoming PC game will charge you with building your own medical empire. Since you will be juggling the needs of patients and the power supply of our hospitals, we admire your commitment to the Hippocratic Oath.

Project Hospital release date: TBC 2018


Darksiders 3

Via the original team (who have since made the rather good VR Souls-like Chronos) and continuing the story, Darksiders 3 features the whip-wielding witch you see above, Fury. It appears to have all the stylised monster-slaying you are used to from elsewhere.

Darksiders 3 release date: TBC 2018


Super Meat Boy Forever

While Super Meat Boy Forever is to debut on Switch, we have been promised a PC version. The name refers to the fact that each stage can be played endlessly, but will get harder with each visit. The bright, precisely-designed levels return from the original as you aim to rescue your loved one. This time, though, you play as Nugget, the child of Meat Boy and Bandage Girl.

Super Meat Boy Forever release date: TBC 2018


Left Alive

Metal Gear character designer Yoji Shinkawa, Armoured Core director Toshifumi Nabeshima, and Mobile Suit Gundam mech designer Takayuki Yanase are the esteemed names attached to Square Enix’s forthcoming survival action shooter, Left Alive.

It is set in the same universe as the Front Mission games and takes place in version of the 21st century where most of the world powers have been consolidated into supranational blocs, which are inevitably at war with one another. You switch between three characters, each of whom is alone and fighting for their survival in an unknown war-ravaged city. There are gathering and crafting systems, as well as action and stealth gameplay. It all sounds ace, and the artwork brings all sorts of fuzzy feelings from the glory days of PS1-era Metal Gear back.

Left Alive release date: TBC 2018



If Into the Breach wasn’t enough to sate your rampant Advance Wars nostalgia, there’s always Wargroove. In this tactical, turn-based upcoming PC game, you take charge of one of 12 commanders from four feuding factions to wage war against your bright, cartoonish foes.

Wargroove release date: TBC 2018


Insurgency Sandstorm

Sequel to tactical multiplayer FPS Insurgency, Insurgency: Sandstorm looks to take the successful formula a step further: Developer New World Interactive haved ambitions to establish this upcoming PC game as the indie film of military shooters. The chances of that will certainly be helped by the addition of a single-player campaign, where you play as a female insurgent fighter through the Middle East.

Insurgency: Sandstorm release date: TBC 2018


Tropico 6

Tropico 6 is just as dastardly dictatorial as previous entries. This time you can quite literally steal the Statue of Liberty and there are some upgrades to come, too.

Tropico 6 release date: TBC 2018



The ex-Blizzard devs at Frostkeep Studios have their problems with the survival genre, and their answer is Rend. In their attempt to smooth out the ‘pain points’ of the genre, you join one of three factions and collect souls to fill your Divinity Stone and the gargantuan World Tree at the centre of the map. Your base might be shielded, but beware that it will go down during the weekly Reckonings, where waves of vicious monsters can destroy everything and wipe you off the server for good.

Rend release date: TBC 2018



Klei’s latest is an RPG, and that should be enough to get you excited on its own, but Griftlands is also built on the concept of tradable resources. Klei have basically nailed everything they have ever tried, bringing originality and quality to whatever they touch.

Griftlands release date: TBC 2018


Paladins: Battlegrounds 

Hi-Rez Studios are jumping on the battle royale bandwagon with Paladins: Battlegrounds. If you paid attention to the game in 2017, you will know what to expect from it, more or less. The twist, though, is that instead of an all-against-all setup, this upcoming PC game is built around teams, made up of supports, tanks, fighters, and assassins. Paladins: Battlegrounds, like Epic’s aping of the battle royale format, will be a free update to the main game when it fully releases in 2018.

Paladins: Battlegrounds release date: TBC 2018


Frozen Synapse 2

After distilling the merits of their turn-based tactical shooter into the purist sports strategy of Frozen Cortex, Mode 7 Games have returned to the Synapse series with a view to expand. The aim is to retain the waypoint system that evokes early Rainbow Six, but move the action outside those familiar office complexes in favour of “open world tactics.” However that manifests itself, it will be a huge departure from the taut, two-player maps of the original Frozen Synapse.

Frozen Synapse 2 release date: TBC 2018


Upcoming PC Games 2019 and beyond



BioWare’s next project is trying to combine their storytelling acumen and beautiful art with the MMO-lite nature of Destiny. It also lets you be Iron Man, so, there’s that.

Anthem release date: March 2019


The Division 2

Two years on from the release of The Division, Massive Entertainment are returning with a sequel to one of Ubisoft’s biggest service games this side of Rainbow Six Siege. We cannot wait to get back to betraying our teammates in the Dark Zone all over again.

The Division 2 release date: Before April 2019


Phoenix Point

The next game from original X-Com creator Julian Gollop looks, well, quite a lot like X-Com. It's closest to Terror from the Deep in aesthetic and plays like a more complex version of his classic. If you're well into the resurgence of turn-based strategy and tactics games, you should be excited. And ready to wait...

Phoenix Point release date: June 2019


Metro Exodus

Despite running out of books, Metro is not done. It’s heading outside, for a year-round story – but it isn’t in an open world, instead taking place around several massive, interconnected levels. It was also one of the prettiest games at E3 and has giant zombie bears. Hooray. 

Metro Exodus release date: Q1 2019


The Surge 2

Plenty of games have imitated the influential Dark Souls since its release in 2011. Labelled ‘Souls-likes’, games like sci-fi action RPG The Surge was one of them, pinching FromSoftware’s diamond-hard difficulty level that rewards players by not holding their hand and trusting their skill and patience.

The Surge was one of the better Souls-likes to emerge and we are pleased to see the game’s dynamic limb-targeting system return in The Surge 2. Deck 13 claim that the sequel will “expand greatly upon the formula” with more ambition and scale featuring in a brand new environment, “a sprawling, devastated city.” 

The Surge 2 release date: TBC 2019


Shenmue 3

Well, it is happening. A massively successful Kickstarter, a presumably large amount of Sony cash and an almost bottomless pile of hype. Delays have disappointed but some will wait however long they need to.

Shenmue 3 release date: TBC 2019


Rage 2

The sequel to the game nobody asked for, Rage 2  is a distinctly Fallout and Borderlands-flavoured follow-up to id Software is being made by Avalanche Studios. Vehicular combat and ridiculous weapons such as the Wingstick return, and as protagonist Walker looks to take revenge on the evil Authority, it looks as if we have a good story to go with it, too.

Rage 2 release date: TBC 2019


Guacamelee 2

Guacamelee was an excellent Metroidvania wrassle ‘em up, and the platforming sequel is chokeslamming its way onto PC. In Guacamelee 2, the original game’s famous chicken returns, but is complimented by a four-player co-op mode.

Guacamelee 2 release date: “soon-ish”



Besides the Facebook announcement from GSC Game World owner Sergiy Grygorovych that STALKER 2 is in development, we know absolutely nothing about the upcoming survival horror sequel. All we have is an official site with a new logo and a release date below it. This isn’t the first time the game has been in production, but fingers crossed everything goes swimmingly this time - at least better than a nuclear accident site.

STALKER 2 release date: TBC 2021


Spelunky 2

Paris Games Week 2017 gave us plenty of goodies, but Spelunky 2 is up there with the biggest announcements. Expect more, well, spelunking and randomly-generated levels in this challenging indie game sequel as the now older platforming protagonist has been replaced by his daughter - and her beloved pug, Monty.

Spelunky 2 release date: TBC 


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered

Most FPS fans will have fond memories of killstreaks, assiduously maintaining kill/death ratios, and blasting away noob campers in seminal shooter, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. These fans will undoubtedly be shocked to learnt that, according to trusted source, CharlieINTEL, that its 2018-bound remaster will not include multiplayer. The story is still strong and it will cost a reduced $25 in relation to the $40 price of the the original game’s remaster, at least.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered release date:TBC 2018


Unreal Tournament

Unreal Tournament has been in open development since its earliest stages. As in, since they were still developing weapon models, deciding on movement mechanics, the very groundwork of the game. It is going to be free and supported by cosmetic microtransactions. They are still calling it pre-alpha so who knows when it will be out.

Unreal Tournament release date: TBC


Werewolf: The Apocalypse

In Werewolf, chances are you will be tearing stuff up at a high rate. It is to be the first WOD game since Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, so a heavy weight is on it to be proper good.

Werewolf: The Apocalypse release date: TBC


Age of Empires 4

Age of Empires 4 is being developed by Relic Entertainment - the team behind Dawn of War and Company of Heroes. It was also revealed at Gamescom 2017 that us lucky folk would be receiving definitive editions of Age of Empires 2 and 3.

Age of Empires 4 release date: TBC


Morphies Law

Morphies Law is a bizarrely engaging “robot morphology-driven” shooter. In other words, shooting an opponent means you steal some of their body mass. Precisely where you target on your opponent’s anatomy matters, too: if you are a sniper and you keep nailing those headshots your own head will grow, and if you keep shooting people in the legs, your own grow longer. 

This impacts how you interact with and navigate the environment. For instance, your extended legs will allow you to jump higher and an increased butt mass enables you to use your posterior as a jetpack. We did say it was bizarre.

Morphies Law release date: TBC


World of Warcraft Classic

Blizzard are finally doing what fans have been badgering them to do for years: World of Warcraft Classic. For this upcoming PC gamewe know that, according to executive producer J. Allen Brack, Blizzard “want to replicate the game experience.” This, obviously, sounds excellent, but we could do without the grind, thanks.

World of Warcraft Classic release date: TBC


Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass

Partly funded by Humble and first revealed in the prehistory of 2013, Croteam confirmed that we would see more of Serious Sam 4 at Devolver Digital’s conference at E3 2018. From what we have seen so far, this is definitely Serious Sam: in a teaser trailer we can see the big man cruising through an idyllic countryside on a motorbike before rendering a brainless goon, well, brainless with a shotgun.

Serious Sam 4 release date: TBC


Dead Island 2

This, apparently, still exists and is making “fantastic progress” at take-over developers Sumo, according to an issue of industry magazine MCV. Exactly how much it will resemble the weird Californian sun-pocalypse we saw on display during the original announcement is anyone's guess.

Dead Island 2 release date: TBC


Watch Dogs 3

From a series of cheeky hints, we had an idea that a third instalment of Ubisoft’s hack-a-thon series is in development. However, it was Sam, Ubisoft’s own gaming assistant, that confirmed that Watch Dogs 3 is a thing. If you ask Sam about the game it says: “Watch Dogs 3 is not finished yet, but from the last early build I tried it’s very solid. The Dev team works wonders! Can’t wait for you to try it!”

Watch Dogs 3 release date: TBC


Magic: The Gathering Arena

You have probably heard of the famous trading card game Magic: The Gathering. Now Wizards of the Coast are bringing out Magic: The Gathering Arena. Arena is the first game to come from Wizard of the Coast’s in-house studio, Digital Games Studio.

Wizards say that Arena will focus on “fast-paced, exciting, and easy-to-follow” gameplay and that there will be a beta test initially focusing on casual play featuring cards from the card game’s Ixalan release. 

Magic: The Gathering Arena release date: TBC


Ascent: Infinite Realm

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a smash hit, turning the notion of battle royale into a genre, and an immensely popular one at that. Now Bluehole are looking to be just as successful in the MMORPG space, with Ascent: Infinite Realm.

This upcoming PC game is a steampunk take on the genre with elaborate, customisable airships doing battle with gargantuan dragons and massive mechs. Its PvP mode sees players do battle between realms, where “factions fight for fame and glory, taking turns to lead offensive and defensive efforts using all kinds of fantastical flying vehicles.” We are in.

Ascent: Infinite Realms release date: TBC


Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord

The long-awaited followup to the crowd favourite Mount & Blade, the sequel is promising to be bigger and better in pretty much every way. The developers have focused on two areas so far in reveals: humongous siege battles and making the game moddable. With the latter they are going as far as possible, giving modders as much power as possible to make their game even better.

Mount & Blade 2 release date: TBC


Disco Elysium

Transforming the hardboiled detective into an isometric RPG, Disco Elysium is a refreshingly zany high-fantasy adventure. It is up to you to crack a large, open-ended case by interrogating suspects, explore the city of Revanchol, and make choices that will define the kind of cop you would like to be.

Disco Elysium release date: TBC


Skull & Bones

Black Flag and For Honor meet for PvP boating, pirating, and cannoning. With a very familiar UI and control mechanism for anyone that played Assassin's Creed’s seabound entry to the series, it has got some strange scoring mechanisms and is not just about wiping out the enemy team. 

Skull & Bones release date: TBC


Star Citizen

Without a doubt the most wildly ambitious game in a long time, Star Citizen aims to be the ultimate space exploration experience. Taking to the skies in one of numerous ridiculously detailed craft, you will engage in military service, become a reputable trader of goods, live the life of a smuggler, or become a universe-famous race pilot. If it ever gets finished, of course.

Star Citizen release date: TBC


Death Stranding

Nobody knows what is going on in Death Stranding. Probably not even Hideo Kojima. We are not even sure it is coming to PC as well as its Sony-funded home, but its footage so far have been as mad as a box of frogs and we cannot wait to see more.

Death Stranding realease date: TBC


Life is Strange 2

Beyond an extremely short video celebrating incredible sales for the original game, Life is Strange 2 is mostly a mystery. We expect to hear more before the year's out but it's almost certainly a 2018 game at best. Chloe and Max are unlikely to return and you can expect more feels right to the face.

Life is Strange 2 release date: TBC


System Shock 3

The other side of the System Shock development split, System Shock 3 is likely a long, long way off. We know Warren Spector is involved and… that’s about it. Otherside Entertainment are doing the actual production, with Spector now there as studio director – we’re expecting to hear more from them through 2017.

System Shock 3 release date: TBC


Cyberpunk 2077

The next game from those guys who made a little thing called The Witcher – you might have heard of it. CD Project RED are a little sick of answering questions about it, it seems, but did get funding for some special city tech recently. Supposedly, it will be out before 2019, but who knows.

Cyberpunk 2077 release date: 2077?


Beyond Good & Evil 2

Yes, it is happening (dot gif) but it is probably a long, long way off. According to creator Michel Ancel the team are looking for a lot of community input to get it moving. Yes, somehow, we have found a game likely to come out after Cyberpunk 2077. Expect to hear more… at some point.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 release date: Beyond Space And Time, Probably.

These are the upcoming PC games that have got us most excited. Any games on the horizon that have you seriously considering a pre-order? Let us know in the comments.


2 Years ago

Battleborn's been pushed back to May 3rd, fyi.

...personally I'm most hyped for Dishonored 2 - gonna be sweet! =]

And as for a game not mentioned - I really hope we'll get to see Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord by the end of 2016....

2 Years ago

Yeah i hope so too!

1 Year ago

I'm playing the first M and B right now, so good, but the learning curve is kinda messing with me.

Derakos Zrux
2 Months ago

Star Citizen's info is out of date. The community voted in 2014 to not have a scheduled release date and for all future benchmark dates to be soft-deadlines so the team has as much time to work on SC as possible. Our community believes that part of what's wrong with modern AAA games is their obsessive focus on deadlines that may hurt the game when it launches, such as Mass Effect Andromeda and No Man's Sky.

It'd be fine to include that the initial release window was not reached, but please also include that moving and eventually forgoing a hard release date was a community decision made by those that fund the game. Otherwise it feeds the conspiracy theorists that it's just an open-ended scam. Thanks!

5 Months ago

Why is Death's Stranding still here? Sony backed game will never come to PC.

2 Years ago

My most anticipated game in and long time is "Hover Junkers" and I cannot even remember the last time I was this excited about an upcoming title. Watching their youtube multiplayer battles looks like it will change gaming forever!

2 Years ago

Get Enter The Gungeon on there, it looks incredible.

Portian at Heart
6 Days ago

"Kynseed" looks fantastic! Hopefully when it's done it will be everything we were missing from Stardew Valley and more!

1 Week ago

Skull & Bones needs to be updated no longer coming out in 2017

1 Month ago

Still using Death Stranding art, ehh?

2 Months ago

Werewolf: The Apocolypse? Good lord I remember that being vapourware back in the 90's!

The Globfather
4 Months ago

Thank you for taking the time to do this stuff. The steam home page is now a mess to get around, and it hurts my head to look at it. I depend on lists like these to figure out what to play now...