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3 Years ago
GTA V crash and launch bugs: all fixes as they appearGTA V crash and launch bugs: all fixes as they appear
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I bought my copy through Steam. Fortunately, I haven't had the issues being described here. However, both of my Social Club accounts somehow got linked to my Steam account, which led to my activation code being registered under my main account, then being forced to launch the game under the other account. I waited 3 days for Rockstar to unlink the account (which they didnt do until I called them and pestered them til the person on the phone fixed it right there.

The main problem I am experiencing is that the game keeps crashing. Sometimes it lets me play for an hour, and other times it lets me play for 5 minutes. It has something to do with the amount of RAM the game is allowed to use. I have to keep the graphics set way lower than my GPU can actually handle. The game actually runs VERY smoothly. But that doesn't mean a lot since the game keeps crashing. I think the problem is with the anti aliasing and the Depth of Field settings. I have to say that this is officially a "train wreck" of a game launch. I'm sorry you guys are having so much trouble. Honestly, I have no clue as to whether or not my copy is even patched. The .EXE version # shows up as 1.0.323.1 Any info i try to look up on it only leads me to the many useless "Social Club" forums. Social Club is the most useless program ever devised by Rockstar. They really need to let Steam handle all that. I thought Uplay was bad....then I discovered the Social Club.

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I imagine that I'm having the same problem, you posted this a month ago, did you manage to find a fix for this?

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