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3 Years ago
Fallout 4 is real; confirmed for PCFallout 4 is real; confirmed for PC
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"That next-gen console exclusivity should hopefully mean Fallout 4 is running on new tech"...yeah that's one problem already (anything developed with console in mind is usually inferior for us on PC). The most important thing though is that they've created a rock solid game engine (particularly with their questing system that was just about the buggiest thing ever that I remember).

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Look on the bright side: Maybe it's only on next-gen consoles because it was designed on PC and they're the only ones that can come close to handling it.

More seriously, as the past two Fallout games (and Elder Scrolls and others) have shown, consoles no longer limit a games size or scope. If a console game is inferior in that regard, it's because the developer was lazy--period. Console graphics are inferior, but that's okay-- because PCs let you scale the graphics to your system. Fallout 4 on a console will probably be roughly the same as medium graphic settings on a PC at 1080p--while the PC will have much higher resolution and detail settings available if your system can handle it.

The only real difference will be in controls, and this is where most developers blow it--creating the control schemes for a gamepad, while throwing in PC controls as an afterthought. All of the Dragon Age games suffered from this, so you were forced to use a gamepad on OC whether you wanted to or not. The Fallout games were better, although having played both previous Fallouts on PC and Xbox 360, I have to say I did prefer using the gamepad even though the mouse/keyboard controls were very good. While mouse/keyboard is vastly superior for FPS, Fallout is much more than an FPS. Fortunately they gave you the choice to easily switch back and forth (something else the Dragon Age games did not do--even when they did support both setups on the PC.

There was a time when console ports were lousy because the consoles did not have the memory/storage for a big, complex game. Those days are gone. As long as the graphics can scale to the more powerful PC hardware and developers give controls the attention they deserve there's no reason a game can't be designed primarily for any platform, ported to any other, and still be amazing.

That said, I'm buying this on Steam as soon as pre-orders are available there. Unless there's a really good special edition offer. And even then, I'm buying on PC.

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