Gaming subscription service Utomik launches today


Utomik is a PC gaming subscription service that aims to “bring the Netflix and Spotify model to the world of video games”, which has been in open beta for the last three years. Today they’re launching the full service with over 750 games, which they claim is more than any other gaming service of this type, including Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Now.

Here are all the games coming soon on PC, and maybe some will come out on Utomik!

The service offers “unlimited PC gaming” for USD$6.99 per month. For that price you get immediate access to the full library, which includes the likes of the Batman: Arkham series, Saints Row IV, Metro Last Light, and Human: Fall Flat. You can see the full list of games available here.

Utomik have signed over 100 publishers so far, including Warner Bros. Games, Disney, SEGA, THQ Nordic, Epic Games, and Curve Digital. As part of their launch announcement they also reveal that IO Interactive will be joining them soon, with the Hitman series coming this summer.

For more information including how to sign up, you can head over to the Utomik website here.

Of course it’s not the only Netflix-like gaming service around. Jump follows a similar modelbut exclusively offers indie games. It’s still only in beta and has a smaller library, but it is cheaper than Utomik at $4.99/month. On the other end of the market is PlayStation Now, which is more than twice as expensive as Utomik at $19.99/month, but does grant PC gamers access to a lot of their console exclusive line-up – including Red Dead Redemption. Xbox Game Pass boasts first party titles for $9.99/month, including Sea of Thieves.