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V Rising castle heart - how to stop decay

Here's everything you need to know about building your very first V Rising castle and how you can prevent it from decaying and crumbling to dust

V Rising castle heart guide: a gothic castle on a hill with a full moon in the background

Building a V Rising castle is one of the most important aspects of this vampiric survival game. After you’ve chosen your V Rising server and started your journey from frail undead to vampire lord, you’ll find yourself out in the gorgeous Farbane Woods with a task to begin making your first home. So while it’s relatively obvious that you’ll need to chop down trees and mine stone, you’re also going to need to gather some V Rising blood essence to get your bloodsucker’s abode up and running.

However, building a V Rising castle is just the easy part. You must maintain your castle heart at all times in order to keep your boundaries and walls from decaying. A little drop of the red stuff goes a long way, but if you don’t take good care of your castle heart, your home – and all your hard-earned plunder – will become vulnerable to invaders.

So to ensure that your V Rising castle doesn’t fall into a state of disrepair, we’ll go through the basics of what resources you need to build your vampiric pad and how to stop your castle heart from decaying.

How to build a V Rising castle

You encounter the quest for building a castle – Lord of Shadows – at roughly level 10. To build a V Rising castle, you need to construct a castle heart, some base boundaries, and erect some walls to give you some much-needed privacy.

  • Press the B key to enter build mode
  • In the ‘fundamentals’ tab at the bottom, select castle heart
  • Build the castle heart for 30 blood essence and 240 stone, and place it somewhere with a high percentage buildable area
  • Place foundations around the castle heart at a cost of two blood essences and 20 stone each
  • Surround your castle with palisades and walls to keep enemies out. Each wooden wall costs 80 lumber and 30 plant fibre. There’s some variation in the resource cost depending on whether you’re building a gate or a pillar, but it’ll always require some lumber to craft

Make sure you also build a coffin to rest in while you’re away from the game, as quitting out of the game keeps your vampire fixed to the spot, leaving you vulnerable to attacks and daylight. The option to build coffins is in the ‘fundamentals’ tab of the building screen, and they cost 180 lumber to craft. You should also make a couple of small stashes for 150 lumber each to store materials and loot in.

Finally, if you’re just starting the RPG game and the idea of burning to ashes in daylight spooks you, building a mist brazier for 120 stone will protect you from the sun. Each brazier will shroud a large area in fog, but you need to fuel it with bones. While the castle heart uses blood essence slowly, the mist braziers are much hungrier, eating through a bone every minute – so don’t leave them running unnecessarily. If you’re wondering how to build a roof for your castle, then you’ll need to be building it all out of stone, which comes much later in the game.

How to prevent V Rising Castle decay

You need to keep feeding your castle heart blood essence to ensure your facilities remain operational. To do this, open up the castle heart menu by pressing the F key while facing it. You’ll see a section called ‘castle power’ in this menu with two slots by it. Drag some blood essence into these slots to power and fortify your castle. The more blood essence you load into your castle heart, the longer your home is protected.

With that, you should have the foundations of your new V Rising castle. We have more V Rising tips as well: later on you’ll need rarer resources like V Rising leather and V Rising whetstone to make more advanced facilities and gear to help you beat all the bosses.