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V Rising devs are considering angry mob PvE castle invasions

Future V Rising update plans could include making your castle more 'central' with PvE castle invasions. It's not a vampire game without an angry mob

Angry mobs storming your castle? V Rising PvE castle invasions? Sounds horrific

It seems like V Rising studio Stunlock is preparing to answer that age-old question: is it really a vampire game if there isn’t an angry mob storming your gates? It seems like future V Rising updates might include just this, as the team is considering proper PvE castle invasions.

Stunlock has offered a number of details for its plans leading up to the V Rising 1.0 release out of early access, including how there are “super exciting additions coming.” It’s even spoken about the endgame and the possible return of Dracula in a “Game of Thrones” type scenario.

Now, in a recent interview with streamers Asmongold and Rich Campbell, Stunlock teased how it was planning to make the player’s castle more “central” to the survival game “especially on PvE.” At the moment, your V Rising base is more of a target for PvP attacks and the AI leaves you alone. That seems set to change, however.

“Currently, there’s like no PvE threat, there’s nothing that can like invade your castle,” agrees game director Peter Ilves. Apparently, the team is looking into “having factions that can attack your castle, that you have to fend off.” Specifically, Stunlock is aiming to “give this thrill of invasion for PvE players,” but needs to create a “good balance” between AI attacks and PvP raids.

To that end, it also sounds like Stunlock is considering allowing Dungeon Keeper or Evil Genius-style customisation of the castle with “traps and stuff” for unwary victims to set off “when they breach your walls.” V Rising’s servants may also get expanded to take part in the defence of your castle.

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“It’s something we have been a bit cautious about,” adds Ilves, “as we don’t want it to turn (the castle) into a bunker… I think like the castle will be a central piece that we will be looking to improve and add more content to it.”

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