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V Rising players can grab free rare Razer cosmetics if they’re fast

If you want to spruce up your V Rising vampire a little, you can grab some green tinted Razer cosmetics for free - if you’re quick enough.

V Rising players can grab free rare Razer cosmetics if they’re fast: A warrior whirls a large chain around him by moonlight.

It’s now been a couple of months since V Rising officially left early access and things are looking good for the vampire survival game. It’s sitting on a ‘Very Positive’ rating on Steam and player numbers look steady, making this one of the true early access success stories. If you’re one of the many who’ve dived in to become one of the blood-hungry undead building an empire in this fantasy world, you can grab a few rare cosmetics for free right now.

If you’re not one of those vampires, V Rising is an RPG where you play as a recently risen undead. Your task is to regain your powers and you’ll do this by feeding on prey, killing foes, and building a truly smashing castle to reside in – as is vampire tradition. You can play online with friends or fly solo and there’s even some multiplayer competition thrown into the mix, too.

Apart from its wonderfully gothic style, the one thing that really sets V Rising apart from everything else is how masterfully it keeps you engaged. There’s always something new to do, play with, or explore as you level up and gain access to more powers. You’re constantly working towards something or grinding to gather resources to fuel something, meaning there’s very little downtime and you’re always making progress. Of course, you can only do so at night, as the sun is your enemy – though there are ways around that, for brave and resourceful vampires.

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Customizing your evil castle and your evil self is key to making your mark on this world. To help that, V Rising has teamed up with peripheral manufacturer Razer to offer some rare cosmetic items – all for free. In exchange for some small tasks such as joining the V Rising Discord and a few others, you can get the Razer Night Serpent Pack to bedeck your undead self in glorious green.

You will have to act fast, however. The V Rising Razer Night Serpent Pack giveaway ends on Friday July 5, or when they have run out of codes for the promotion. If you’re wanting a little extra drip for your vampire, head over to the giveaway page here.

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