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The best V Rising weapons and how to get the unique reaper

Learn about the best V Rising weapons you can craft for use in both PvE and PvP, as well as descriptions for every skill for the seven weapon types

The best V Rising weapons: a vampire is spinning around with his sword, while part of the camp explodes and an archer aims to fire an arrow at a fleeing enemy.

Want to know what the best V Rising weapons are? There are seven different weapon types currently available in this vampire game, and while it’s easy to say that the best ones are the ones with the largest stats, there’s a little more to it. Every attack inflicts a proportion of your weapon’s physical damage stat, we’ll refer to this as ‘physical damage’ to avoid confusion. Therefore, the most crucial factor for any V Rising build is how much damage your weapon deals with per second.

To make the best V Rising weapons, you need to find materials from all around the game’s map. Some advanced weapons require you to slay bosses to extract their V Blood, and perhaps even loot the desirable Orb of Knowledge from high-ranking enemies.

On top of all that, each weapon has two skills. The first one only appears after you equip copper tier weapons or higher, and the second while using iron tier weapons or above. Some skills are better for PvP combat, while others make short work of hordes of enemies in PvE. Depending on what V Rising servers you are playing on, you may have different priorities.

Here are the best V Rising weapon types:

  • Sword
  • Axes
  • Spear
  • Reaper
  • Mace
  • Slasher
  • Crossbow

The best V Rising weapons: a vampire is running across a bridge in the daytime, holding onto a sword.


Hands down, the best V Rising weapons right now in both PvE and PvP are swords. Compared to the other weapon types, swords have a relatively short range and lower than average combo attack stats, but they make up for it with a high overall DPS thanks to an agile base attack speed.

You should combine the Whirlwind and Shockwave skills for an effective hit and run strategy. Whirlwind has you spin around for 1.1 seconds, dealing 35% of the equipped weapon’s attack stat every 0.25 seconds. As for the Shockwave skill, any enemy hit by its blast takes 70% physical damage and launches them into the air for 1.6 seconds. If you use the skill again, you follow up by teleporting to the target and striking it three times, dealing 25% physical damage per hit.


Axes may have a slightly lower attacking speed than the sword, they’re still one of the best V Rising weapons with a highly damaging regular attack combo. Your first skill, Frenzy, has you dash forward to strike an enemy for 100% physical damage. After this attack hits, you enter a frenzied state that boosts your attack speed by 30% and movement speed by 25% for 0.8 seconds.

It’s worth triggering this after using the second skill, X-Strike, which has you throw both axes in an X shape. Each hit inflicts 85% physical damage and slows your enemy down for 1.5 seconds. However, if your enemy is at the point where the two axes intersect, it incapacitates that foe for two seconds instead of slowing them down, leaving them vulnerable to your wild axe swings.

The best V Rising weapons: a vampire is chopping down a tree next to a waterfall, while two deer mind their own business.


Spears have a longer range and a quicker attack speed than most of the best V Rising weapons, but they also have a smaller hitbox since you thrust the spear. This makes it hard to wield, but you have a couple of skills to help you out. Harpoon throws the Spear out towards an enemy. If it hits an enemy, not only will they take 70% physical damage, but it also pulls them in close to you.

If you land a hit with the Harpoon, you should follow up with the other skill: A Thousand Spears. This multi-stabbing attack deals 30% physical damage up to eight times. You can interrupt these stabbing attacks to land a thrusting attack for 50% physical damage and knock them back a short distance.


As another relatively slow weapon, and one that doesn’t have a skill that closes in the attack, the Reaper isn’t all that effective against enemies that like to dart around. When enemies get close, though, this scythe-like weapon can use a couple of skills to make it one of the best V Rising weapons for PvE.

Tendon Swing is a skill that strikes enemies for 125% physical damage, knocks them back, and inflicts Fading Snare for two seconds. It’s best to use it after ploughing through a group of foes with Howling Reaper, a skill that hits for 20% physical damage once every 0.25 seconds for 2.5 seconds. If you hit with the projectile that appears upon activating the skill, it also slows down enemies for 1.5 seconds. Its damage output potential is massive, but it requires you to chase down enemies to land them, which is less than ideal.


While it hits like a truck, the Mace has a slower DPS overall because of its slow attack speed. Nevertheless, its skills are impressive. Crushing Blow has you leap towards enemies to strike the ground, dealing 110% physical weapon stat to enemies caught in the blast while inflicting Fading Snare for two seconds.

You can then use the second skill, Smack, to hit your foes for 50% physical weapon stat, before knocking these enemies back and incapacitating them for 1.2 seconds. It’s an effective combo, but the Maces’ attack speed is a problem it can’t overcome.

The best V Rising weapons: two vampires riding horses across a snowy forest while holding a spear and crossbow. They are approaching a dilapidated wooden bridge.


The Slasher may have the weakest hits of any weapon type in V Rising, dealing only 90% of their weapon attack stat in a full three-hit combo, but these claws have a high attack speed to make up for it. However, the main advantage of the slasher, and why it’s one of the best V Rising weapons for PvP, is that its skills riddle your opponents with status ailments.

For example, Camouflage hides you from the enemy and increases your movement speed by 25% for six seconds. Taking things further, when you use any attack while in this state, it deals 80% physical damage and incapacitates the unfortunate foe for three seconds. If things get a bit dicey, you can use the Slasher’s second skill, Elusive Strike, to dash around, slashing enemies for 60% physical damage while also stacking a two-second slow effect upon each hit.


Each bolt fired from the crossbow deals 110% physical damage, making it the single hardest-hitting regular attack in V Rising. It’s a shame that every melee weapon is significantly better than the crossbow, as its projectiles are easy for enemies to avoid and its reload speed is incredibly sluggish.

The skills don’t quite make up for this downside, but they can be fun to use. Rain of Bolts fires five arrows into a small area. Each arrow deals 40% physical damage and inflicts the Fading Snare status ailment for 1.5 seconds to any enemy unlucky enough to be inside. On the other hand, Snapshot quickly fires a shot for 75% physical damage, interrupts any spell an enemy is in the process of casting and gives them Fading Snare for two seconds.

Unique V Rising weapons

There is only one unique V rising weapon in the game, which is The General’s Soul Reaper. To get this reaper you’ll need to slay a miniboss called the Undead Commander. This enemy spawns in a couple of spots around the Dunley Farmlands, namely the Church of the Damned and the Haunted Iron Mine, and you’ll need to farm it in order to get an item called The General’s Souls Reaper Orb. To get it crafted, take this orb to your smithy along with three mistone, three greater blood essence, 18 iron ingots, 12 planks, and 90 gem dust.

As for how we’d rank it? Well, it’s gear level means it’s not viable for endgame PvE, but it could be a powerful asset for PvP

That’s all of the best V Rising weapons. To help you make better equipment in this crafting game, you need more advanced materials. All weapons apart from the crossbow follow this upgrade path: bone, reinforced bone, copper, mericless copper, iron, and merciless iron. The crossbow also has a dark silver and sanguine variant.

Check out our guides on how to get V Rising leather, the recipe to make V Rising whetstone, and everything you need to know about V Rising blood essence. Of course, if looting isn’t your style, you can always send some V Rising servants to do the dirty work.