Valheim fermenter guide – how to make mead and potions

Here’s everything you can craft using the fermenter in Valheim

Want to know how the fermenter works in Valheim? After fighting off the second Valheim boss, the enemies in the game continue to become much stronger than the ones you fought in the Meadows and Black Forest. Not only will you need to be equipped with strong armour and weapons, keeping stocked up on potions and food is very important in this survival game.

Chances are you’ve been regenerating your health using food, but this isn’t as effective as healing potions which provide greater boosts per tick, especially when you’re full and can’t eat anymore. Potions aren’t restricted to healing either, there are potions that grant resistance to fire, frost, and poison to directly address the enemies in each of Valheim’s biomes. Bonemass, for example, is especially tricky to face in the Swamp biome, and if you’re caught by it’s poisonous attack without a potion, it can quite easily be fatal, even with a decent amount of health. We recommend stocking up on the poison resistance potion first before exploring the Swamp and delving into your first iron scrap finding mission in the crypts. Finally, there are stamina potions which can be incredibly useful when fighting against tough bosses or mining for iron or bronze.

The requirements for some of these potions might seem steep to players who haven’t made a lot of progress. By the time you start to need potions, you should have a solid base filled with everything you need to start farming these ingredients. Here’s what you need to know about brewing your own potions using a fermenter in Valheim.

valheim fermenting ingredients

To start crafting your own potions, you’ll need a cauldron, a beehive, and a fermenter. You can build a cauldron anywhere using a hammer – to get the cauldron up and running, be sure to place a fire source underneath it.

Cauldron crafting materials:

  • 10x Tin

Every mead base requires ten honey as a base ingredient, which means you need to get your hands on a queen bee. You can find wild beehives containing queen bees in abandoned houses located in the Meadows. Once you have your queen bee, you can craft a beehive.

Beehives can be in two states: happy or angry. If your beehives are angry, you need to create more space between your beehives as they are too close together. Beehives will not produce honey when angry, so it’s important to establish this room before dropping your beehives anywhere.

Beehive crafting materials:

  • 10x Wood
  • 1x Queen Bee

valheim mead and potions

Unlike the cauldron and the beehive, the fermenter requires higher level crafting materials. We recommend reading our Valheim bronze guide which details how to forge the precious metal. You will also need a bronze axe to acquire fine wood in both the Meadows and Plains biomes.

Fermenter crafting materials:

  • 30x Fine Wood
  • 10x Resin
  • 5x Bronze

Take your mead base over to your fermenter to begin the fermentation process. The fermenter needs to be sheltered in order to work, and you can expect to wait two in-game days before receiving the potions. Once the fermentation process is complete, you will be rewarded with six potions of the finished product.

Here are all of the potions you can craft using the fermenter:

  • Fire resistance barley wine – 10x Barley, 10x Cloudberries
  • Frost resistance mead – 10x Honey, 5x Thistle, 2x Bloodbag, 1x Greydwarf eye
  • Minor healing mead – 10x Honey, 10x Raspberries, 5x Blueberries, 1x Dandelion
  • Medium healing mead – 10x Honey, 10x Raspberries, 4x Bloodbag, 1x Dandelion
  • Minor stamina mead – 10x Honey, 10x Raspberries, 10x Yellow mushroom
  • Medium stamina mead – 10x Honey, 10x Cloudberries, 10x Yellow mushroom
  • Poison resistance mead – 10x Honey, 10x Coal, 5x Thistle, 1x Neck tail
    Tasty mead – 10x Honey, 10x Raspberries, 5x Blueberries

And that’s everything you need to know about the fermenter in Valheim. Now that you’ve started to make your own potions, you may be looking for more ways to improve your base. Check out our Valheim taming guide to build your own farm for a constant supply of meat, keep these animals as cute companions to join you on your Viking adventures.