Valheim reaches its biggest player count in five months after Hearth and Home

Valheim is back in Steam's top ten

Fighting a troll in Valheim

Valheim‘s first major update is finally here and – surprise! – people are playing it. The Viking survival game certainly isn’t matching the highs it hit at launch, but it’s back in Steam’s top ten, and reaching its biggest player counts since May. I guess you can consider our expectations sufficiently managed.

Today, Valheim reached a peak concurrent player count of 66,264, as SteamDB shows. That’s the biggest number since early May, when the game was still coming down from the half-million players it reached after launch. It’s currently the number ten game on Steam, sandwiched between Grand Theft Auto V and Cookie Clicker. What a grouping.

Players are still working out how they feel about the changes, especially the complete revamp to food, which now forces you to choose between foods that benefit health or stamina. You can check out the Hearth and Home patch notes if you want further details on what’s changed or, hey, just go play the game and check it out.

The game’s currently 20% off on Steam, bringing the price down to $15.99 / £12.39 / €13.43, so if you’ve been trying to talk your friends into picking up a copy, now’s your chance.

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