This Valheim map generator reveals everything in your seed

No longer shall you accidentally stumble into the mountains when you wanted to find the Black Forrest

One of Valheim's many biomes

Valheim is a lovely, serene game, but good lord, is it difficult to find your way around. The map is made up of various biomes where different baddies dwell, and items lay. None of this is, however, set out for you. You’ll need to go out and explore to stumble across these secrets for yourself, which can make forward planning a tad difficult when you’re going from boss to boss.

For some, that’s the charm of Valheim. If you want to self-organise yourself better, though, then this handy, fan-made tool might help. Reddit user wd40bomber7 put together an online map generator that allows you to create new landscapes. You can use it to generate new seeds until you find a map you want to spend heaps of time on, or you can plug in the numbers of an existing seed so you can see where things like bosses and items are.

It proves handy as you can finish up with one boss and then see what direction you need to head off into to find the next one. It’ll also help you avoid areas that you’re under-levelled for, which are, eh, no fun at all.

It’s worth noting, though, that wd40bomber7 is still working out the kinks of the tool. At the time of writing, most seeds should work fine, but some don’t.

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