Valheim devs show the first Mistlands creatures

The Valheim devs have provided another sneak peek at the next two major updates

Concept art for a creature to be introduced in Valheim's Mistlands update

Today marks the first anniversary of the debut of Viking survival game Valheim in Early Access. It’s already excellent – just check its placement on our Game of the Year list – but there’s a whole lot more content to come. Today, the developers at Iron Gate have revealed a few more details on the next major biome updates: the Mountains and the (currently very empty) Mistlands.

“Alongside the Mountain update, we’ve also been ramping up work on Mistlands,” the devs say in the announcement. “The phase of nailing down the core concept is done, and we know what kind of inhabitants we want the biome to have. This means we’re now working on a bunch of new build pieces and enemies, as well as defining more of the new mechanics we will be introducing (though we’d like to keep those secret for a while longer).” The insectoid creature in the image above is the first officially-revealed concept creature for the Mistlands.

The devs also say they’re hoping to get Valheim in shape for portable play as of the Steam Deck release date, and they’re actively working to make it happen.

Finally, they also provided a few additional screens of the Mountain update. You can ooh and aah at them below.

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