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This Valheim mod lets you scrap with your pals without losing items

If everyone has it downloaded, you can simply challenge your mates to a duel and have them accept

A Viking stares off into the sunset in Valheim

We’ve all been in a situation in Valheim when appropriate etiquette isn’t followed. Maybe you’ve been busting your hump forging bronze only to return to your cosy hut to find that it’s all vanished, and Steve has a cool new suit of armoured duds. Perhaps you’ve gone out on a raid only to find that someone has wandered off, leaving you with a horde of skeletons or a big, thumping troll.

These things happen in survival games, though settling disputes in Valheim isn’t always practical. If you batter one of your pals they’ll lose skill points and have to jog across the map to gather their things. Most people turn the ability to hurt their mates off because mistakes happen – not all of us have steady aim with a bow, it’s fine.

Now, though, you can freely settle disputes with any freeloaders in your ranks with a new Valheim mod. The way Pfhoenix’s Fight Club mod works is pretty simple. If everyone has it installed, you can challenge someone to a one on one duel by hitting the ‘B’ key. They can then accept by hitting the ‘V’ key if they feel so inclined.

Once you’re done settling your beef, you’re free to return to whatever you were doing, and no one’s skill points will have to suffer, nor will anyone have to jog across the map semi-nude. If you’re keen to try this one out for yourself, you can find it over on Nexus Mods alongside a set of instructions on how to download it.

If you’re looking for other quality of life additions, this Valheim map generator reveals everything in your seed. It’s handy if you want to create a new world or just see what’s going on in your current one.

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