Valheim update makes the monster AI behave itself again

"We hear you!"

A warrior in Valhelm fighting a huge blue troll, using a sword and shield

Valheim’s monster AI recently got a big ol’ shot in the arm that spurred them to go around devastating player buildings and structures like never before. Players began posting clips of the big bad beasties wrecking their hard work following the update, with some of the opinion that the new AI might have made them just a tad too anarchic. But, fear not, Viking builders – Iron Gate’s patched them back into good behaviour.

“We hear you!” the studio says on Steam in a “tiny AI tweak patch” for the Viking game. The update folds in “some tweaks to the monster AI to make them behave better when attacking structures etc”, so it sounds like we can expect the monsters to rein it in a bit.

As of the patch, “monsters should always target creatures (including players) first if they have a clear path to them, and monsters should only attack low priority structures (walls etc.) if they are trying to get to a player”, the devs explain. Phew.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the structure-ruining naughtiness the monsters had been getting up to pre-patch – as you can see, the monster’s steering past the player they should be targeting and taking the fight to the walls instead:

AI really hates building now… I feel neglected from valheim

If you’re a fan, be sure to check out our Valheim taming and Valheim building guides at those links for some handy pointers, now the monsters have, y’know, calmed the Helheim down a bit.