Valkyria Chronicles is coming to the PC

Valkyria Chronicles

For six years it has remained one of the PlayStation’s unlikeliest secrets. It has been cited by Julian Gollop as the 3D follow-up to X-Com he’d always wanted to make. But now, belatedly, Valkyria Chronicles will become a PC game.

“Gallia, to arms!”, tweeted Sega from their official account last night. “Return to the original battle on PC. More info coming soon…”

Valkyria has had two sequels for the PSP in the last half a decade, but it sounds like we’re in for a port of the PS3 original.

Built by one of Sega’s own R&D departments in Japan, the game is a tactical RPG set in a heavily-fictionalised version of war-torn ‘30s Europe. The player leads a militia unit in the neutral nation of Gallia – like I say, fictionalised – on an overhead command map, and in real-time skirmishes limited by action points.

UK ratings body PEGI have a listing for a PC version of Valkyria Chronicles on their site – but its release date is shown as October 16, which has been and gone.

Perhaps the port has come about as a result of a recent petition with over 13,000 signatures, asking that Sega consider releasing console games from their Japanese division on the PC. The petitioners judged that Valkyria Chronicles would be a “natural complement to Sega’s other, strategic, offerings on the PC platform”.

Our Jules once said that XCOM could learn from Valkyria Chronicles. Do you think he’s right?