Valorant agent Killjoy is bugging on Pearl, and it’s game-breaking

Valorant agent Killjoy's Nanoswarms are tiny little troublemakers, and this time, they're slithering into Pearl's unplayable area in a nasty bug

Killjoy working on her laptop in her lab

Valorant bugs are typically short-lived. Thanks to Riot Games, they instantly get patched up, but some are too game-breaking to exist even for a day. This brand new bug on Pearl lets Killjoy make an incredible play with her cute Nanoswarms. Unfortunately, it has no counter, which is what makes it extremely powerful and deadly.

Pearl isn’t precisely a new map. The FPS game developer has filtered it of significant glitches during the first-month post-release. Minor glitches are fine, but players have discovered a game-breaking bug capable of changing the round’s outcome. Killjoy is already extremely overpowered in post-plant situations, and this map lets her sneak the tiny cutters behind an unplayable area.

This is how the new bug works in-game:

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Killjoy’s Nanoswarms are a force to be reckoned with in post-plant situations, but you can destroy them… if you can find them. This particular bug is OP because it locks her Nanoswarms outside the map. As a result, defenders won’t be able to hear the subtle buzz to dodge the swarms or destroy them upon detection.

There’s no possible counter to the glitch. However, it will surely influence the round outcome if the attackers activate the swarms in the final few seconds of Spike’s destruction. Then, the defuser will have no option but to walk back and settle on saving a weapon. The worst part? This bug is replicable, so defenders must not allow Spike plant on A site since retake is impossible.

This glitch is still relatively new, meaning Riot Games has yet to notice. The developer might roll out an instant fix for the bug, as it’s breaking the game and costing players their hard-earned ELO.

Valorant’s episode 6 act 1 is coming soon, with a brand new map nine teased as City of Flowers, so players may want to roll up their sleeves to unlock new rank badges!