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Valorant’s Act 3 agent lands on October 27

Valorant's next agent has been delayed, but not by much

Riot has shifted its plans for Valorant‘s act and episode structure, but that mostly means extra content for the impending launch of Act 3. The new Icebox map will land on October 13 alongside the new act, but it’s coming in place of the new character that we expected. Don’t worry, though – that new agent is coming just two weeks after the start of Act 3.

The new agent is due to launch on October 27. Riot doesn’t provide any official details on her in the announcement, but there are a few images. She’s a buff Rambo type in outdoorsy gear, with magic-looking flames on one arm and a glowing bird on the other. Another image for the character shows a fox or red wolf with glowing accents in similar colours, hinting that this agent might be able to control animals or transform into them.

Riot’s new roadmap for Act 3 starts with the launch of the new Icebox map, the battle pass, and the Singularity weapon skin on October 13. A series of competitive changes are coming on October 27, the same day Icebox enters competitive rotation and the new agent goes live.

“Not gonna lie, the Act III patch is a bit scary considering the high amount of content coming and potential instability,” Riot says in the announcement. “We want to be faster when it comes to resolving any issues or exploits.” The delay to the new character “gives our team some breathing room to make sure current Agents play nice with the new map (invisible Spy Cams, invincibility, teleporting in the wrong neighborhood, etc.) before introducing another variable.”

Riot’s previous plans for new content included one new agent in each act, and one new map for each three-act episode, but the community’s demand for new maps encouraged the team to push this map ahead early.

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