Valorant agent 21 has been tracked to Punjab, India

Valorant agent 21 is either lurking around a Dhaba, or he's finally been captured, according to Riot Games' new teaser about the FPS' water-bending controller

Valorant Agent 21 has been tracked to Punjab, India: A plane with kingdom written on the underside flies through the night sky

Leaks regarding Valorant agent 21 are plenty, all pointing toward a fugitive on the run with a valuable artefact. Cypher, Fade, and some of the FPS game‘s other characters have been on his trail for weeks, but REALM hasn’t made the job easier. Both REALM and Kingdom Corporation have been working night and day to catch the mysterious renegade who might join Valorant’s coveted Protocol.

Valorant has dropped a new teaser that confirms a bunch of leaks and speculations. The upcoming agent 21 hails from India and has a water-based toolkit.

A Kingdom aircraft has been sighted in the skies of India, causing minor damage to a Punjabi Dhaba. Dhabas are traditional cafes that serve savouries like Samosa chaat and chai, snacks that the mysterious Varun Batra enjoys. This particular cafe is called ‘Pagri wala Dhaba,’ pointing at the state of Punjab. Dancing statues of a Sikh couple further attest to the location.

The live stream is disrupted by water jigging away from the glass, followed by an abrupt blast. The incident confirms two things: Agent 21 certainly has a water-based kit and that they were probably in Kingdom’s airplane. Omen’s message to Brimstone also corroborates the theory that Varun Batra’s presence reflects in the water.

“The operatives speak of towering walls of water, waves crashing through their ranks. And the fugitive, facing down a dozen men at once. The reports match the evidence at the scene; intense flooding everywhere but no water source nearby,”

REALM and Kingdom Cooperation have been on Varun Batra’s trail since he ran away with a priceless artefact. Astra and others have urged Brimstone to speed up the search and hunt them down before REALM, who have painted Batra as a dangerous thief. According to the Protocol and even a REALM Private, Varun Batra is innocent.

Valorant agent 21 has finally been captured by Kingdom unless more twists and turns are on their way. If that’s the case, the Protocol should resolve the theft issues and send Varun Batra into the field somewhere around October 24.

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